Competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics


Squad D & C

Levels 1-3 & Levels 3A-5

These invitation only classes bring athletes together to demonstrate their passion, commitment and talent. Working in either pairs, trios or quads, students learn group skills and compete routines against other victorian clubs. These classes create strong, flexible and confident young competitors. 


Squad B

National Levels 6-10

Our national level competitors are trained for major state and interstate competitions such as Victorian Championships, Australian Championships & National Clubs Carnival. Our coaches train these athletes to some of the best in the country.


Squad A

International Levels Elite Program

Our highest level athletes, train to compete at the worlds highest levels 11-16, 12-18, 13-19 and Senior. Our international acrobats train 20 hours per week with sheer commitment and determination, they give our young athletes something to aspire to be.