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At Team Adrenalin, we focus on the individual needs for your child. Children as young as 10 months can benefit from Gymnastics. Helping to improve their social skills and beginning to strengthen their young bodies. Recreational classes run for children aged 5-16, focusing on training strong athletes through correct coaching techniques, structured lessons and specialised skill development in a fun, lively environment.

Team Adrenalin offers trampolining and tumbling amongst all other recreational gymnastics apparatus, competitive acrobatics & performance teams.

We provide specialised training under the guidance of expert professionals and prides ourselves on elite coaching and providing a professional service to the community.

Acrobatic Gymnastics


We pride ourselves on our incredibly dedicated team of coaches. Our coaches undergo constant training to ensure all of their athletes are taught correctly and have the most enjoyable experience while learning. 

Melissa Presti

Melissa Presti


Melissa is Team Adrenalin’s Director and one of the Head Coaches managing all elite and competitive athletes. With a background in Gymnastics, Dance and Taekwondo Melissa’s achievements include Australian Junior National Champion 2000 in Woman’s Gymnastics, Australian Team representative in World’s Gymnastics 2001 and 2003, Full time dancer 2003 - 2005, Black Belt in Taekwondo, New Zealand Taekwondo National Black Belt Champion, Taekwondo National Black Belt Champion. 

As one of the head coaches at the club, Melissa takes the Elite performance squad as well as National and International level sports acrobatic classes. Since opening in 2012 the performance Squad as competed and performed around the world in locations including Switzerland, at the World Gymnaestrada, America, in places such as Disneyland and Hollywood Boulevard and around Australia in Sydney, Adelaide and Queensland. 

Since 2009, Melissa has lead upwards of 30 sports acrobatic pairs and trios to compete in Australian National Championships with countless first place and podium finishes. More recently, Melissa and brother Steve trained 12 talented athletes to compete in the international Vegas Acro Cup competition in Las Vegas in March 2017. With the most successful year to date, Melissa and Steve have a record 23 athletes as apart of this years State Team.

Steve Santo

Stephen Santo


Steve is Team Adrenalin’s Director and one of the Head Coaches managing all elite and competitive athletes. With a background in Gymnastics and Fitness Steve’s achievements include Elite Male Gymnast training at the Australian Institute of Sport and Victorian Institute of Gymnastics, Australian Junior Vault Champion and now a qualified Master Trainer in fitness and personal training. Steve is has been the Victorian State Team Head Coach and is currently a State Team Coach Representative. 

As one of the head coaches at the club, Steve takes the Elite performance squad alongside sister Melissa as well as National and International level sports acrobatic classes. Since opening in 2012 the performance Squad as competed and performed around the world in locations including Switzerland, at the World Gymnaestrada, America, in places such as Disneyland and Hollywood Boulevard and around Australia in Sydney, Adelaide and Queensland. Since 2009, Steve has lead upwards of 30 sports acrobatic pairs and trios to compete in Australian National Championships with countless first place and podium finishes. More recently, Steve and sister Melissa have trained 12 talented athletes to compete in the international Vegas Acro Cup competition in Las Vegas in March 2017 and had their Women’s Pair compete at the 2018 World Age Games in Antwerp, Belgium. In 2018 their performance team won Gym4Life for the 3rd year and Team Adrenalin was named Silver National Club in Australia. 

Aaron Patterson

Aaron Patterson

Manager, Coach & Head Choreographer

Aaron began his artistic training at the age of 7 and under the guidance of many mentors studied Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and of course Acrobatics. His dance achievements include Moomba Parades 2008-2016, Queensland Performances in Dreamworld and Cavil Ave and Chunky Move’s ‘It Sounds Silly.’ Aaron’s acrobatic career began in 2007 and continued through to 2013, when he choreographed and performed with Team Adrenalin’s Senior Performance Team. This experience included performances at Disneyland, California Adventure Park and Hollywood Boulevard. 

Aaron’s athletes compete in various state and interstate competitions and since beginning, has lead some hard working athletes to success with countless 1st placing and podium finishing routines. As head choreographer Aaron creates International, National and State level routines for all athletes at the club. His accreditations include ADAP Levels Four - Major One, Certificate in Musical Theatre Performance, Gymnastics Australia Intermediate Coach and Intermediate Acrobatic Gymnastics Judge. 

Between Competitive Acrobatics, Performance Teams and managing the club, Aaron enjoys coaching to achieve the best possible results for his athletes and maintaining the highest level of professionalism around the club. 

Maddy Turner

Maddy Turner

Recreational Team Leader & Coach

Maddy has been a familiar face at Team Adrenalin from the beginning. She has been involved with Acrobatic Gymnastics for over 8 years with career highlights of representing Australia in the Elite Demo Team in Switzerland and placing 3rd at National Championships as a level 7 National Stream Trio. Maddy was a “Flyer” in her many years of competition so she can bring a unique and relevant experience to her teaching.

Maddy also has a dance background, spending 15 years competing at a Championship level of Calisthenics.  She brings these skills to her classes and inspires her students to explore their performing abilities. For the past 3 years Maddy has been participating in Elite Sports Aerobics. She has excelled in the sport, representing Victoria at Nationals every year, the past two in the International Stream. Maddy is a very dedicated and skilful athlete who is a great role model to her students as she shows them that hard work and dedication is the key to success.

Maddy has a Certificate III in Sport and Recreation, has completed relevant coaching courses and is now employed as Recreation Manager on a full time basis at Team Adrenalin. She brings enthusiasm and love of children to her work everyday and hopes to inspire her students to be their best!


Danny Liester

National Level Competitive Coach

Danny was introduced to the club at 23 years of age, starting as a recreational Gymnast trying to learn to flip and tumble to add to Hip Hop routines as a dancer. After months of this, he decided to try Acrobatic Gymnastics. Over the course of his competitive career Danny competed for six years with several different groups. His Sports Acrobatic achievements include competing at the Australian National Championships in both a Mixed Pair and Mens Pair with some ‘Australia first skills.’ In his time at the club, Danny have participated in Performance Displays which have taken him around the country as well as internationally multiple times. 

With a broad depth of acrobatic knowledge, Danny is now putting his passion into coaching at the club, 5 days a week and hopes to bring more and more people to the sport. 

‘I love the club and the people in it. Please feel free to talk to me if you see me around the gym!’


Mark McLauchlan

Tumbling & Trampolining Specialist

Mark was a National Team trampolinist and power tumbler (1993-2002) holding numerous State and National titles. He competed in 4 World Championships, 1 Pan Pacific Games and 1 World Games. He was the first Australian tumbler to compete triple back somersault in competition. Mark holds a BA in Circus Arts from NICA. Mark has performed for circus companies all over the world including 3.5 years with Cirque Du Soleil. Recently mark has performed and competed at pro level pole dancing competions. He has worked as an instructor for pole dance, circus arts (NICA), yoga, trampoline and tumbling. Mark is now enjoying sharing his love and passion for the arts at Team Adreanlin.

Mark offers his students a chance to progress through technical excellence, a passion to succeed and a joyful attitude. Whether the student wishes to compete for Australia, perform in Cirque Du Soleil or for general fitness, Mark’s extensive experience and knowledge can support that journey. He is very happy to have found a new snd supportive home at Team Adrenalin.


Zoe Tsesmetzis

Recreational Coach

Zoe began training at Team Adrenalin in 2012 until 2016. She went on to volunteer with the Junior Demo Team before becoming a full time coach. Zoe now trains in Sport Aerobics.

Zoe achievements in both Acrobatics and Aerobics include; Silver medalist Gym 4 Life National championships, 3rd place Sports Acrobatics Gymnastics Victoria Championships, Gold Medalist Fusion FX Gymnastics Victoria Championships,  Performed at various school fetes and fundraisers, Trained with the Junior and Intermediate Demo Team,  Bronze medalist School Aerobics National Championship, Silver medalist School Aerobics National Championships

She loves to work with students of all ages and enjoys watching them learn and grow as they develop new skills and friendships. Zoe is hoping to graduate and go on to become a primary school teacher if the future as well as continue coaching her students at the club. ‘I am looking forward to continuing my work with my fantastic students and seeing what they can achieve.’


Lauren Falzon

Recreational & Competitive Coach

Lauren started acrobatics at the age of 5 and by 2010 had completely transitioned from dance to acrobatics training under the direction of Melissa & Stephen. Over the past 7 years Lauren has performed & competed as a member of Team Adrenalin winning Gym4Life competitions across Australia such as Cronulla, Byron Bay, Adelaide & Gold Coast as well performing with the Demo team in places including Switzerland in the 2012 Gymnastrada and in 2013 at locations including Disneyland, California Adventure Park, Hollywood Boulevard and since, at countless interstate locations. Lauren has competed in three Australian National Championships obtaining Gold and Silver medals and winning Gold at the 2016 National Clubs competition. Lauren’s latest achievement was representing Australia at the Las Vegas International Acro Cup with her Sports Acrobatic Women’s Trio. Lauren has recently received become certified as a Beginner Coach and Intermediate Sports Acrobatic Judge.



Amy Wilson-Matesevac

Recreational & Competitive Coach

Amy commenced her performing arts training at the age of 7 studying all facets of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary/lyrical, hip hop and acrobatics. Throughout her training Amy completed ballet and jazz exams in Cecchetti, RAD and ADAP, performed in the Moomba parade and Queensland performances in Dreamworld and Cavil Ave. 

In 2015 Amy completed her Acrobatic training with the Acrobatic Dance Association under the guidance of Stacey Mitchell and is a credited AADA examination teacher. From 2015-present Amy has been the head of the Acrobatics faculty at Attitudes Dance Studio. 

Amy is currently a permanent resident dancer in the corporate entertainment group “SILK. Amy was awarded a scholarship at Attitudes dance studio at the end of 2016. She has trained in Acrobatics under the guidance of Melissa Presti for four years from 2007 until 2010. She began working at Team Adrenalin in 2016 and has coached teams at various Sports Acrobatics competitions, FusionFX and Gym4Life and now holds her certification as a recognised Beginner Coach. What she loves about working at Team Adrenalin is that it allows her to work with children and young adults on their acrobatic skills in a positive environment, which helps them to continue to improve and grow in confidence


Sophie Spencer

Recreational Coach

Sophie started gymnastics at the age of 6 and cheerleading and acrobatics at Team Adrenaline when she was 8. Sophie performed with Team Adrenaline in Disneyland, California Adventure Park and Hollywood Boulevard in 2013. She also competed in the intermediate demo team at the Gym4Life competition in Byron Bay, placing 2nd. Sophie now trains in sports aerobics. Her achievements include: placing 2nd at the School Aerobics National Championship with her trio in 2016, two first placings at the Victorian state finals in singles and pairs, and was awarded second in Australia twice in the Nationals in 2017. She now coaches a number of recreational classes at Team Adrenalin and loves having fun with her students! 



Stef Maiorana

Recreational Coach

Stef began training with Melissa at about 10 years of age. Stef was a part of the Intermediate Performance Team and travelled to America with the club and performed in places such as Disneyland and California Adventure Park. Stef has also travelled with the club to interstate locations such as Sydney, Byron Bay and Runaway Bay. She has also competed at the Fusion FX competition where the team has won gold for three consecutive years. Stef has also represented the club at countless school fetes and performances. 

Stef is no stranger to the sporting world, having been involved in acrobatics, swimming, taekwondo, soccer and most recently futsal she realises the importance of sport for young people and how it can have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. 

Stef loves working with children, especially young adults and is currently studying at university and is hoping to graduate and become a high school teacher.


Patrick (Paddy) Morgan

Recreational Coach

Paddy began his acrobatics training in 2008 as a recreational student under the guidance of directors Stephen and Melissa. Since then Paddy has competed in the several competitions in Sports Acrobatics in various different groups.  He competed in the club’s first Mens Four group, until he moved on to base in a mixed pair, where he competed in the Victorian Championships and National Clubs in Bendigo. In 2017 Paddy and his partner were selected for the Victorian State Team, which allowed them to compete in the Australian National Championships.

Paddy has performed and competed in every Team Adrenalin performance squad. He was in the original junior squad and intermediate squad, and is currently on the Elite squad. Competitions and performances Paddy has participated in: Gym 4 life in Cronulla and Byron Bay, NSW and Runaway Bay, Gold Coast; Circus Challenge in Penrith Sydney, Fusion FX in Victoria and multiple school fetes.


Vincent Pederson

Recreational Coach

Vinnie began his acrobatics training in 2015 following his previous part in Mens Artistic Gymnastics. Vinnie was very devoted to his sport, he was a persistent and hard working athlete. In his career as a MAG gymnast he achieved multiple awards including a 3rd overall placing in his Victorian Championships trials and many medal positions. During his time in training he also took up coaching helping the clubs recreational gymnasts improve and practise their skills. 

Vinnie heard from a fellow coach about the club Team Adrenalin and trialed as a recreational student. Through his enjoyment of this new found sport, he began training multiple times a week in competitive sports acrobatics and joined the Intermediate Performance Squad where he went on to compete at the Fusion FX displaying a gold placing performance also recently moving into the Elite Performance Squad. He currently trains in Acrobatic Gymnastics and tumbling classes under Directors Steve & Melissa, while coaching multiple recreational classes himself. 


Hayley Vippond

Recreational Dance Teacher

Hayley is an established performer, whom has been working professionally throughout the industry for over a decade. By the age of twelve, Hayley had her first big break, in ‘Billy Elliot the Musical’ at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Hayley continued her success in performing professionally with stage credits including; singing live at the AFL NAB Cup Final, performing in Wayne Kermond’s show ‘Candy Man’ at The Arts Centre, and dancer on Australia’s Got Talent Live (televised).

Hayley also has credits for several charity events including; The AFL Beyond Blue Cup at Melbourne Cricket Ground, My Room Charity and, Variety Charity at Crown Casino. Hayley has had the pleasure to dance for successful and inspiring choreographers including; Yvette Lee, Jason Coleman, and Sue-Ellen Shook. Currently, Hayley has been dancing as a Dodo Electricity Cheerleader for the Melbourne United Basketball team, including TV, and corporate credits for both, the National Basketball League and Dodo Electricity Group.

Hayley continues to work for established companies and choreographers throughout the industry, helping her to broaden her knowledge for teaching others. We are so pleased to welcome Hayley to the club.