Competitive Squad D

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National Levels 1 to 3A are the introductory stages for competitive sports acrobatics gymnastics and cover the basics of Acro skills both Balance and Dynamic. At this level groups/pairs may be made up of any mixture of gymnast (male and female).

See Club Competitive Policy attached


The level of the partnership will be initially determined by the level of individual skills mastered by all members of the group. Some athletes will remain in their current groups while others will be changed to a more appropriate group. 

A group will NOT be placed at a level in which they are unable to perform the individual skills however a group may be moved up a level during the season if they make significant progress in both partner and individual skills.

Training Schedule

Mondays 6:00 - 8:00pm *subject to change*

Clothing requirements

Students are required to wear appropriate clothing when participating in acrobatics classes - a leotard or tight fitting clothing such as crop top and shorts. Long hair must be tied back into a bun.

On competition day, athletes be in the following attire.

• Black TA hoodie

• Black tracksuit pants

• Red, black, silver club leotard (groups may compete in performance leotards if organised with coach & group)

• Team Adrenalin tracksuit (not compulsory)



Upcoming Competition Dates

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Acrobatic Gymnastics

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