Competitive Squad A

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Squad A is our highest level competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics program with a focus on achieving success both nationally and internationally. This squad has 4 categories: Junior 11-16, 12-18, 13-19 and Senior 15+. The International stream has been structured for elite or advanced athletes.

See Club Competitive Policy attached


Training Schedule

Acrobats are required to attend 5 x 4 hour training sessions each week (4 week nights and 1 weekend training session).

Training sessions run Monday through Thursday from 4pm - 8pm and Saturday from 8am to 12 noon. Groups, in collaboration with their coaches, determine one night of the week to be used as a rest night.

In addition, tumbling and handstand classes are available and recommended for all athletes at all levels. 

Two Year Commitment Requirement

If an athlete and/or parent is unable or unwilling to make a TWO-YEAR commitment to a partnership, then this track is not for you/your athlete. Please let us know immediately if there is

Clothing Requirements

Girls are required to wear leotards, with bike shorts or capri length tights. Boys should wear a close-fitting t-shirt (does not need to be skin tight) and athletic shorts. When in competition warm up, at training camps or workshops, all groups and pairs should wear matching leotards in order to assist coaches in their delivery of sessions as well as presenting a professional image.

Women’s pair bases should have a slide-to-split shoe (same as rhythmic shoes and available online).

Competition Expectations

Hair - Long hair must be tied back into a tight bun which is secured with pins and a hairnet. Braids can be included according to the style of the routines. Make up can be organised between group members. 



Upcoming Competition Dates

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Need to know

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