New Members!

We are so pleased to welcome you into the Team Adrenalin family. Please read through the content below to familiarise yourself with our club, our policies, events and all other necessary information.



Please ensure all enrolment forms have been processed by reception and your insurance is up to date. If you have not already paid an invoice it will be emailed to you shortly.


For general inquiries and questions please contact

For an immediate response, please call 9318 8606

Recreational Levels System & Syllabus

For proper training and coaching of athletes, our coaches follow a syllabus of skills. Level 1 is our foundation level in which majority or new and young members will begin.  This ensures all athletes train appropriately, learning progressions and drills while focusing on specific level skills. To move from level to level, athletes are required to attend a bi-annual grading when informed by your child’s coach.  

Level Award Testing - Grading

The purpose of an L.A.T is for the head coaches to assess the athletes and for them to complete all of their level skills so they can move up to the next level (similar to a ballet exam or a Karate grading).


Invoices are sent out one week prior to the beginning of a new term. To ensure your child’s participation in class, fees must be paid within 14 days. Failure to make payment will result in denied access to the gym.

Annual End of Year Display

Throughout term four, athletes are asked to participate in the End of Year Display. This is the most exciting day of the year, where the entire club comes together to show off all the hard work our athletes and coaches have put in all year.

Competitive & Performance Stream

Team Adrenalin has a large competitive steam and we are always looking for more talented and hard working athletes to join our teams. If you and your child are interested in more classes such as these, please show an expression of interest to one of our members at the reception desk. 

For more information visit the links below

Performance Teams   Competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics