L.A.T Grading


September 7th 2019


8:00am Start LAT

10:00am Finish


10:30am Start LAT

12:30pm Finish

Level Award Testing

LAT’s (Gradings) are compulsory for all students should they receive an invitation. Without grading, your child will not move up levels. 

The purpose of an LAT is for the head coaches to assess the athletes and for them to complete all of their level skills so they can move up to the next level (similar to a ballet exam or a karate grading).

The athletes are assessed on floor work, tumble strip, fast track, trampoline, flexibility and strength. 

If the students are successful, they receive a badge to sew onto the club hoodie and a certificate.

Grading Day

L.A.T’s run very professionally and all students must wear the club leotard/top and students are to arrive on time with neat hair. 

Each student must also have a level syllabus book that they keep throughout the years to log their progress. This is also very important for insurance purposes.

Syllabuses are for record keeping and the framework for which we grade students. It is extremely important you hold onto the syllabus and do not lose or misplace them.

Only advanced high level coaches assess you on the day, this also gives the coaches the opportunity to identify potential athletes for our competitive programs and any coaching issues.


Grading fee $60.00

Syllabus book $18.00

Club Leotard $50.00

Club Singlet for males $25.00

YOU MUST book your child into the L.A.T at reception.

What is the process?
  1. Arrive with hair done, wearing club leotard

  2. Head Coaches collect syllabus book

  3. After warm up, athletes are grouped and work through all graded apparatus, demonstrating each skill in the syllabus for assessment.

  4. Athletes cool down and are dismissed.

  5. Syllabus books will be assessed by a head coach.

  6. Athletes with a 100% pass will receive their book back in class with a certificate & embroidered level badge.

  7. Athletes with ‘regrade’ skills will continue working on their level (specifically their regrade skills) during class, until all skills are passed.

  8. Once a 100% pass is achieved the athlete will receive their book back in class.