2017 National Championships


What a great 3 days we had at the  Gymnastics National Championships held at the Hicense Arena on Friday the 2nd to Sunday the 4th of June.


All our athletes looked confident, relaxed and amazing out there. Their hard work certainly paid off. We had 8 teams competing over the 3 days.


And the results are:


Level 6 Woman Pair:


Alana Rizzo & Camryn Liddle



Level 6 Mixed Pair:

  • Patrick Morgan & Charlize Rizzo

Overall Score: Silver 



 Level 6 - Women Pair & Level 6 - Mixed pair Level 6- Mixed pair & Level 6 Women Pair 



 Level 6 Woman Trio:

  • Monica Bourne, Isabella Price & Talia Beninati


 Level 6 Woman Trio:

  • Emily Massara, Emily Maiorana & Kathy Le

Balance: BRONZE  Dynamic: SILVER Overall Score: GOLD


 Level 6 Woman Trio  



Level 7 Mixed Pair:

  • Daniel Zenkis & Lauren Andonovski

Balance: GOLD Dynamic: GOLD  Overall Score: GOLD


Level 7 Mixed Pair Level 7 Mixed Pair



Level 8 Woman Pair:

  • Kristy Faulkner, Greta Di Lorenzo & Amelia Salvador

Level 8 Woman pair 


Internationals : 13-19 Woman Trio:


  • Alessia Di Filippo, Genevieve Upton & Ella Murdoch

Balance: SILVER Dynamic: SILVER Overall Scores: SILVER





Balance: SILVER Dynamic: SILVER Overall: SILVER



Internationals Senior Mixed Pair:


  • Aaron Mavro & Alicia Livolti


Balance: GOLD Dynamic: GOLD Overall Score: GOLD






FusionFX 2016

FusionFX 2016 was held at the State Netball and Hockey Centre on the 19th August 2016. What an awesome outcome for all three of our performance teams.


The Juniors performed their "Willy Wonka and the Little Acrobats". The demo was created by Tori Singleton and Alessia Di Fillipo.


The Intermediates performed their "Big Bad Wolf". This performace was put together by Aaron Patterson and Amy Wilson-Matesevac.


The Elite team perfomed their "Battle for Pandora". This Performance was created by Melissa Presti and Stephen Santo.


A remarkable effort by all of our performers. Our Juniors, Intermediates and Elites all took home the gold medal 2 years running!


Watch the performances by clicking on the links.




2016 Gym4Life Challenge at Runaway Bay Qld

The 2016 Gym4Life Challenge was held at Runaway Bay in Qld this year. Two of our Demo teams and their families made their way to sunny Queensland, for a couple of days of sunshine and to compete in the challenge.


Gym4Life is a fun event that focuses on all team to just get out there and have fun. Its an event for all ages.


Team Adrenalins Intermediates performed their 'Big Bad Wolf' routine created by coaches Aaron and Amy. The performance won silver!





Our Elite Demo Team won Gold! They showcased the routine called 'King of Africa'.








2016 Australian Gymnastics Championships Results

Congratulations to all our competitors who competed at the Australian Gymnastic Championships! All five groups received a medal.

We are ecstatic and overwhelmed by the results.


It has been amazing to see all our athletes hard work pay off. We have all worked really hard and this certainly makes it all worthwhile.


The results are:


Tori Singleton and Sandra Ngo - Level 6 Women’s pair National Champions, 1st place Balance routine and 2nd place dynamic routine





Lauren Falzon, Daniela Gurmesevic, Bridget Davies - Level 6 trio 2nd overall, 1st place Dynamic routine




Amelia Salvador, Greta Di Lorenzo, Jessica Larsen - Level 6 trio 3rd place Dynamic routine



Cade Pettie and Katelyn Dullard - Level 7 Mix Pair National Champions, 1st place Balance routine, 1st place Dynamic routine



Alicia Livolti and Aaron Mavro - Level 8 Mix pair National Champions, 3rd place Balance routine, 1st place Dynamic routine and 1st place

Combined routine





Fusion FX Victorian Championships for Performance Squads.

We had 3 team competing in the first ever Fusion FX Championships. Our Juniors, Inters and Elites.

All 3 team did us proud as they all placed first! The long day and hard work paid off!     


Watch Junior Performance squad who took out first place in the beginner division at the first ever Fusion FX Victorian championships


Junior Performance


Watch our Inters who also took out first in their division.


Inters Performance


Watch our Elites who also did a fantastic job and took out the first place for 3 for 3!


Elites Performance




2015 Australian Acrobatic Championships


The 2015 Australian Gymnastics Championships was held at the Hisense Arena in May.

Well Done to all that participated this year. As usual you all did us proud!


Team Adrenalin / Flip4fun had the only Australian Mens Pair participating today. They wowed the crowd and judges with their massive full in back out (one of the best and highest level dynamic skills we saw out on the floor today) and scored high enough to be awarded a gold medal.
We are super proud coaches.





2014 Australian Acrobatics Championships

The 2014 Australian Gymnastics Championships was held at the Hisense Arena in May.


Team Adrenalin / Flip4fun had 12 members trial to make the State Team. We were very proud to see that all 12 of our members were chosen to participate as part of the team.


Our very own Stephen Santo was also selected to be the Head Coach of the Victorian Team 2014 and Melissa Presti was selected to be the Assistant Team Coach.


Not only did our students make the state team but they all finished in the top 3 of Australia! We had some of Victoria's best results.


First Place Level 7 Men's Pair:

Danny Leicester

Cade Pettie


First Place Level 7 Woman's Pair:

Tori Singleton

Lauren Falzon


Second Place  level 6 Mixed Pair:

Joshua Kelly

Shannae Tritt


Third Place  Level 8 Trio:

Kristina Del Grosso

Genevieve Upton

Emily Massara


Third Place  Level 6 Trio:

Madeline Turner

Georgia Cachia

Nicola Aylward


Congratulations to everyone who was apart of the team and event.





3rd Australian Gym4Life Challenge Byron Bay

In July 2014 Team Adrenalin had over 40 members from both the Intermediate and Elite teams travel to Byron Bay, NSW.


Both teams competed in the 3rd Gym4Life Challenge, aimed at promoting Gymnastics for all.


The Elite team, (who won the event in 2012) had the great honor of performing in the opening ceremony.


The Intermediate team were ranked 'Silver' and the Elite team were ranked 'Gold'.


Both teams performed very energetic and crowd pleasing routines.


Students also took part in workshops that included German Wheel, dance, air mat tumbling and juggling.


It was a great experience for all students and family and a great opportunity to get to know everyone better.





1st Australian Circus Challenge Penrith, NSW


In October 2014, Team Adrenalin was invited to perform at the Australian Circus Challenge. Our Intermediate and our Elite teams participated in the first ever event and did the club very proud!


Our Intermediates performed "Bollypop", and won the community division. They also took out the audience choice award.


The Elite team performed "Adrenalin Rush" and won the open age/pre-professional division and also took out the audience choice award.


Some students also participated in circus workshops such as contortion, juggling and aerials.


The event helped students to see a different side of Sports Acrobatics and also helped them to see  where it can take them in the future.


Both students and their families enjoyed the event and we're looking forward to the next one!








2013 Australian Championships

The Australian Championships have just concluded with a very successful outcome for our Victorian Team.


Our very own Tori Singleton and Lauren Falzon came in 2nd in their Dynamic routine and finished 4th in the International 11-16 Women’s Pair. They have done exceptional for their first nationals!


We are very proud of our girls!


The Level 7 mixed pairs of Aaron Mavro and Siubhan McBain and Daniel Zenkis and Naomi Hudspeth finished 1st and 3rd in their division.


Dana Dexter, Danielle Peters and Laura McKenzie came in equal 1st in the Level 7 Women’s Trio division.


Well done to all participants.







Australian Gym 4 Life Challenge 2012

Special congratulations to Flip 4 Fun for winning the Australian Gym 4 Life Challenge.  Watch the winning performance on YouTube now! Australian Gym 4 Life Challenge 2012



 Winners of the Sportsmart Team of the Year Award

We at Team Adrenalin Fitness Centre are so excited to announce that we have won the Team of the Year award 2014 for the Western Award Category!


Well done to all our students, you all make us so proud! Such a great way to end 2014 on such a massive high!