Team Adrenalin is an affiliated club with Gymnastics Victoria.


To make sure we keep up to standards with their rules and regulations we offer ALL our athletes our Team Adrenalin Level Award Testing’s (L.A.T).


L.A.T’s are put in place to ensure your child has set progressions to follow and that they are taught safely and with good technique.


L.A.T’s are generally only held once a year in Term 2 and only the clubs Head coaches and Directors assess the athletes.


If athletes pass they receive a badge to sew onto their club hoodies and a certificate.


Students require a “syllabus” to be a part of an L.A.T which acts as a log book with all their skills and progressions over the years. It is extremely important they do not lose or misplace the syllabus as it then defeats the purpose of having the L.A.T.


Students are required to wear the club leotard as the testing is structured like an exam and run very professionally, it is also a Gymnastics Victoria policy that athletes wear the correct attire and the assessor needs to see the student’s body shapes.


Parents and spectators are encouraged to watch and take photos on the day.


The L.A.T also gives the head coaches the opportunity to talent identify athletes and also pick up on any coaching issues.


For more information on L.A.T’s please see Mel at reception or make an enquiry through the website.


Team Adrenalin